Welcome to my blog!


Hello World! My name is Kyle Jablonski. I am an Android developer and Software Engineer in San Francisco, CA who wants to get involved in the community more so I have started this blog to share information about Android development. I have been working on Android now since 2011 and feel that it would be a waste to not give back to the community and create value for other android engineers seeking more information. So let’s get started.


Since I have been working on Android many things have changed in the framework. We have gone from having little standards to having tons of them. I remember working on Android’s Gingerbread offering in the early days when creating dynamic UI’s was not a priority and tablets where not yet part of the ecosystem. Since then we have seen major improvements in the way we can build great app’s which started with the release of Honeycomb to support larger screens. At that time, the UI/UX of Android was certainly improving although when Fragments were introduced we saw a lot of opinions about them.

In each subsequent release, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmello, Nougat, Oreo & now Android P (in beta) we have seen that our lives as Android developers have become much better. We can now use design languages like Material design to create fantastic looking user interfaces and some features from Java 8! Wow, what a vast improvement from the early days. And now we have the ability to write our apps in an even more fluid way using Kotlin!

The Future

With the announcement at Google IO 2017 that Kotlin is a first class language for Android we have seen a major adoption of the language and developers are extremely satisfied with it. Google continues to support the language an offer easier ways to do things in Kotlin with the new Kotlin KTX. With the most popular mobile operating system in the wild today, we are positioned in a unique spot to impact the globe with our apps.

Now with an ongoing Google IO 2018, we have seen even more improvements with features such as Android Jetpack to help build apps quicker, Slices to get our most used portions of our UI out in front of our users in a more seamless way. We have seen a major update to the developer console that now allows us to create Android app bundles to create smaller downloads to reach a larger market. For a list of all the features released at Google IO check out the android developer site.

With that said Welcome to kdotj.com!